The NGO Doctors Against Animal Experiments (Ärzte gegen Tierversuche e.V.) announces the Herbert Stiller Research Grant to support animal-free research.

Innovative and human-relevant projects in the medical or biomedical field can be submitted including human-based in vitro models, in silico analyses or clinical and epidemiological studies. The project should aim at a significant contribution to medical progress and to the elimination of animal experimentation (reduction and refinements projects are not accepted).

The project should not be supported by other third-party funding. All methods and consumables used within the project must be animal-free. The duration of the project should not exceed 2 years. The funding amounts to € 20.000.

Researchers from Germany and the German-speaking area are invited to submit their applications in German or English (max. 10 pages) including:

  • a short CV of the applicant
  • a list of all researchers involved in the project including affiliations
  • a short abstract
  • a project description (including scientific background, project aim, preliminary work, description of all research methods, relevance for human medicine and elimination of animal experiments)
  • a reference list

Please send your application to Dr. Tamara Zietek: The application deadline is May 31, 2019.