Animal Free Research UK are accepting applications to their Summer Student Programme from researchers who would like funding to supervise an undergraduate student to advance medical science by conducting an 8-week animal free research project in their own laboratory.

Research projects must show the potential to replace any regulated animal experiment in the UK – projects with the potential to replace the use of cats, dogs or primates are particularly welcomed. Research that requires or involves the use of animals (defined for this purpose as any organism of the Kingdom Animalia, excluding humans) or any animal-derived biomaterials in any way, even though the ultimate aim may be to replace their use, will not be supported. 

Funding up to £2000 is available, which covers a student stipend of £180 per week to support living costs and a consumables budget of up to £560. Grant holders do not need to be tenured or have a permanent contract – postdoctoral researchers, research assistants, PhD researchers, technicians or laboratory managers are also eligible to apply to supervise a Summer Student.

The Summer Student Programme also includes a unique Summer School for students, held on 21st-23rd August. Summer Students will receive additional training in science communication, careers guidance and the opportunity to network and present their summer research project in the form of a poster presentation at a celebration evening event.

Applications will be accepted until the deadline at 17:00 on Friday 1st March. Full application criteria, guidance and terms & conditions can be found on the application pages (