The Research Prize for Alternative Methods of the Egon Naef Foundation for In Vitro Research aims to contribute to a significant reduction in the number of laboratory animals. The E. Naef Foundation was created in 1998 to encourage and reward researchers who develop alternative methods to animal experiments and new practicable pathways.

Each year, one to two researchers may be awarded an amount of SFr. 10,000.- each (personal prize). Application forms (French or English, curriculum vitae, description of previous work in no more than 5 pages, description of project in no more than 5 pages, cover letter) must be sent each year before 1 September to the Foundation’s e-mail address (see below). Submissions should highlight how animal experiments can be replaced or reduced by the developed methods. The submission should include information on the number of animals that can be replaced by the developed method, the degree of suffering and the frequency of experiments to be reduced or replaced. Independent experts select the prize winner(s). The judges’ decision is final.

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