The JRC has launched a Call for Tender to gather, analyse and organise mechanistic knowledge related to the toxicological effects on target organs observed in animal models after repeated exposure to chemicals.

The JRC’s EU Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL ECVAM) is working on the development and evaluation of alternative, non-animal approaches for assessing systemic toxicity. The proposed study will inform these activities by providing a better understanding of the mechanistic basis of current (guideline) animal tests and their human relevance.

Specific tasks to be undertaken include:
•    describing a set of key characteristics of repeated dose toxicity related to different target organs/systems
•    analysis of the toxicological profile of a set of chemicals based on the key characteristics proposed

This study builds on previous work conducted by EURL ECVAM to investigate specific mechanisms at the cellular level in 8 different organs that are associated with acute oral systemic toxicity.
The review is expected to be completed during 2022 and the information gathered will be made publicly available.

Tenders must by received by March 31, 2020.