EPA has updated its list of alternative test methods or strategies (New Approach Methodologies or NAMs) that do not require new vertebrate animal testing. This action helps meet the requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act to reduce and replace, to the extent practicable and scientifically justified, the use of vertebrate animals in the testing of chemical substances or mixtures.

The updated list incorporates the following changes from the 2019 List:

  • Added one new test guideline that relates to human health effects.
  • Incorporated two additional EPA guidance documents that reduce the use of animal testing.
  • Added version 9.0 of the organic chemicals’ module of OncoLogicTM, a more user-friendly version of the most widely used piece of this system that evaluates a chemical’s potential to cause cancer.

For more information on alternative test methods and strategies to reduce vertebrate animal testing, please visit: www.epa.gov/assessing-and-managing-chemicals-under-tsca/alternative-test-methods-and-strategies-reduce.