In a December 21 Federal Register notice, NICEATM requested available data and information on approaches and/or technologies currently used to predict the efficacy of ectoparasiticides without using animals. Details about the data request are available at Responses should be submitted by Friday, January 28.

NICEATM supports efforts to develop, validate, and implement alternatives to animal use for testing of chemicals and medical products. These include approaches used to evaluate the efficacy of ectoparasiticides on dogs and cats, such as products to prevent flea and tick infestations. Currently, the standard tests for this endpoint use animals that can experience significant discomfort and distress during the study.

Respondents to this data request should provide information on any activities relevant to the development or validation of alternatives to in vivo test methods currently used by federal agencies for regulatory and other decision contexts. Submitted information will be used to assess the state of the science and determine technical needs for non-animal test methods used to evaluate the efficacy of ectoparasiticides on dogs and cats and to facilitate their incorporation into a testing strategy for regulatory purposes.