The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has committed to developing and implementing a work plan to reduce the use of animals in chemical testing. EPA will prioritize ongoing efforts and direct existing resources toward activities that will demonstrate measurable impacts in the reduction of animal testing while ensuring protection of human health and the environment. To report progress on these activities, EPA hosts regular conferences to provide updates and solicit input from interested stakeholders.

Planning for the next EPA New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) conference, to be held in the fall of 2024, is underway. This will be a hybrid meeting in Research Triangle Park, NC. Attendees will hear from representatives from EPA, other federal agencies, industry, universities, and international organizations on the state of the science on the development and use of NAMs for chemical safety testing. EPA is soliciting ideas for topics to highlight during the 2024 EPA NAMs Conference. To provide input, please complete the survey at by January 5, 2024.