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Tierärztliche Vereinigung für Tierschutz


The veterinary profession regulation describes veterinary surgeons as being the appointed protectors of animals.
In accordance with this principle, the "Veterinary Association for the protection of Animals" has put together some guidelines to assist members of the veterinary profession in their work with respect to the welfare and protection of animals. This issue of the 'Codex veterinarius' is not a description of the present situation. It is rather meant to be a guide for the future, to be understood as a self-binding commitment.
All members of the veterinary profession must, due to their specific knowledge, be committed to improve and enhance the protection of animals. When in doubt they should decide in favour of the animal, which, however, does not imply a higher ranking of animals. Veterinary surgeons should not assist in intensifying the productive use of animals out of purely economical interests, without taking on the ethical responsibility for the animal as a living creature, capable of suffering.
The "Veterinary Association for the Protection of Animals" calls upon all veterinary surgeons to adopt the hereby described principles.

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