[Development of human monoclonal antibodies] [Article in German]

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Toni Lindl
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This article describes the current state of the development of human monoclonal antibodies. The last three years brought a wealth of new techniques and it seems that the long-awaited breakthrough of these "magic" therapeutic agents is close. This paper discusses both the classical cell-biological methods (e.g. fusion with other lymphoma cells and/or Epstein Barr virus transformation of human B-cells) and the "new" gene-technology approaches. The therapeutic possibilities of human monoclonal antibodies against infectious agents and cancer related antigens and their impact are reviewed and the development strategies - both "classical" and "new" - are discussed. The in vitro immunisation technique is critically reviewed.

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Lindl, T. (1995) “[Development of human monoclonal antibodies] [Article in German]”, ALTEX - Alternatives to animal experimentation, 12(1), pp. 13–23. Available at: https://www.altex.org/index.php/altex/article/view/1683 (Accessed: 24 May 2024).

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