[Potency testing of anti-lymphocyte Globulins: In vitro alternatives for the monkey sking-graft assay] [Article in German]

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Christoph Conrad, Dieter Kabelitz, Gabriele Schäffner
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Antilymphocyte globulins (ALG) are immunosuppressive agents of animal origin currently used in clinical transplantation medicine and for the treatment of severe aplastic anemia. The potency of each batch is tested in vivo using primates as hosts for allogeneic skin transplantation. The test is done with a maximum of three animals, one as a control and two after the treatment with ALG. The two in vitro methods in use are a cytotoxic assay and the rosette inhibition assay. These methods are evaluated with the microscope. Besides wellfare aspects these methods require a lot of experience, are subjective, difficult to validate and the information about the biological potency of the sera is questionable.
The aim of our study is a better biological characterisation as a prerequisite to subsequently define an in vitro alternative for the potency test in monkeys.
Using a competition assay with monoclonal antibodies we can identify several specificities directed against functional molecules on T cells (e.g., CD2, CD3, CD5, CD28), B Cells (CD19), macrophages and natural killer cells (CD16) and nonlineage specificities such as CD18, CD25, CD29, CD95. This method could describe a part of the biological potency and control homogeneity of batches. The cytotoxic capacity of ALG either with or without complement as well as DNA-fragmentation characteristic for apoptosis can be analysed by flowcytometry using propidiumiodide- (PI) incorporation. Immunoprecipitation of cell-lysate with ALG´s and subsequent incubation with radioactive ATP (kinase-assay) shows specific bands which seem to be identical between different batches of one product.

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Conrad, C., Kabelitz, D. and Schäffner, G. (1998) “[Potency testing of anti-lymphocyte Globulins: In vitro alternatives for the monkey sking-graft assay] [Article in German]”, ALTEX - Alternatives to animal experimentation, 15(Supp. 1), pp. 27–30. Available at: https://www.altex.org/index.php/altex/article/view/2086 (Accessed: 15 June 2024).