Sonja von Aulock

Integrated testing strategies for safety assessments

Thomas Hartung, Tom Luechtefeld, Alexandra Maertens, Andre Kleensang

Using toxicological evidence from QSAR models in practice

Emilio Benfenati, Simon Pardoe, Todd Martin, Rodolfo Gonella Diaza, Anna Lombardo, Alberto Manganaro, Andrea Gissi

Ocular cytotoxicity evaluation of medical devices such as contact lens solutions and benefits of a rinse step in cleaning procedure

MĂ©lody Dutot, Jacques Vincent, Nicolas Martin-Brisac, Isabelle Fabre, Christine Grasmick, Patrice Rat

Perspectives on validation of high-throughput assays supporting 21st century toxicity testing

Richard Judson, Robert Kavlock, Matthew Martin, David Reif, Keith Houck, Thomas Knudsen, Ann Richard, Raymond R. Tice, Maurice Whelan, Menghang Xia, Ruili Huang, Christopher Austin, George Daston, Thomas Hartung, John R. Fowle III, William Wooge, Weida Tong, David Dix

Evidence-based toxicology for the 21st century: Opportunities and challenges

Martin L. Stephens, Melvin Andersen, Richard A. Becker, Kellyn Betts, Kim Boekelheide, Ed Carney, Robert Chapin, Dennis Devlin, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, John R. Fowle III, Patricia Harlow, Thomas Hartung, Sebastian Hoffmann, Michael Holsapple, Abigail Jacobs, Richard Judson, Olga Naidenko, Tim Pastoor, Grace Patlewicz, Andrew Rowan, Roberta Scherer, Rashid Shaikh, Ted Simon, Douglas Wolf, Joanne Zurlo


Sonja von Aulock


Sonja von Aulock


Sonja von Aulock


Sonja von Aulock


Sonja von Aulock