Latest Articles

Latest Articles

Latest Articles are manuscripts that have recently been accepted for publication in ALTEX but have not yet undergone editing, layout, and proofreading. They are replaced by a final version with the same doi upon print publication in an issue of ALTEX.

Refining humane endpoints in mouse models of disease by systematic review and machine learning-based endpoint definition

Jie Mei, Stefanie Banneke, Janet Lips, Melanie T. C. Kuffner, Christian J. Hoffmann, Ulrich Dirnagl, Matthias Endres, Christoph Harms, Julius V. Emmrich
Published: Apr 18, 2019

Opportunities for refinement in neuroscience: Indicators of wellness and post-operative pain in laboratory macaques

Kris A. Descovich, Susan E. Richmond, Matthew C. Leach, Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith, Paul Flecknell, David A. H. Farningham, Claire Witham, M. Carolyn Gates, Sarah-Jane Vick
Published: Mar 29, 2019

Insights into in vitro biokinetics using Virtual Cell Based Assay simulations

Susana Proença, Alicia Paini, Elisabeth Joossens, Jose Vicente Sala Benito, Elisabet Berggren, Andrew Worth, Maurice Whelan, Pilar Prieto
Published: Mar 28, 2019

Comparison of in chemico skin sensitization methods and development of an in chemico skin photosensitization assay

Nitin H. Patel, Priyanka K. Mishra, Rajendra Nagane, Abhay Deshpande, Irfan Y. Tamboli, Rahul Date
Published: Mar 11, 2019

An in vitro coculture system for the detection of sensitization following aerosol exposure

Aline Chary, Tommaso Serchi, Elisa Moschini, Jennifer Hennen, Sebastien Cambier, Janine Ezendam, Brunhilde Blömeke, Arno C. Gutleb
Published: Feb 20, 2019

How complex should an in vitro model be? Evaluation of complex 3D alveolar model with transcriptomic data and computational biological network models

Diego Marescotti, Tommaso Serchi, Karsta Luettich, Yang Xiang, Elisa Moschini, Marja Talikka, Florian Martin, Karine Baumer, Remi Dulize, Dariusz Peric, David Bornand, Emmanuel Guedj, Alain Sewer, Sebastian Cambier, Servane Contal, Aline Chary, Arno C. Gutleb, Stefan Frentzel, Nikoloai V. Ivanov, Manuel C. Peitsch, Julia Hoeng
Published: Feb 12, 2019

Improved defined approaches for predicting skin sensitization hazard and potency in humans

Haojian Li, Jing Bai, Guorui Zhong, Haosi Lin, Changsheng He, Renke Dai, Hongli Du, Lizhen Huang
Published: Jan 23, 2019

A modular approach for assembly of quantitative adverse outcome pathways

Christy Foran, Taylor Rycroft, Jeffrey Keisler, Edward Perkins, Igor Linkov, Natàlia Garcia-Reyero
Published: Jan 20, 2019

Generalized Read-Across (GenRA): A workflow implemented into the EPA CompTox Chemicals Dashboard

George Helman, Imran Shah, Antony J. Williams, Jeff Edwards, Jeremy Dunne, Grace Patlewicz
Published: Feb 4, 2019