Latest Articles

Latest Articles

Latest Articles are manuscripts that have recently been accepted for publication in ALTEX but have not yet undergone editing, layout, and proofreading. They are replaced by a final version with the same doi upon print publication in an issue of ALTEX.

3D human microvessel-on-a-chip model for studying monocyte-to-endothelium adhesion under flow – application in systems toxicology

Carine Poussin, Bart Kramer, Henriette L. Lanz, Angelique van den Heuvel, Alexandra Laurent, Thomas Olivier, Marjolein Vermeer, Dariusz Peric, Karine Baumer, Rémi Dulize, Emmanuel Guedj, Nikolai V. Ivanov, Manuel C. Peitsch, Julia Hoeng, Jos Joore
Published: Aug 22, 2019

Extending the concept of predicting fish acute toxicity in vitro to the intestinal cell line RTgutGC

Hannah Schug, Jenny Maner, Maren Hülskamp, Frédéric Begnaud, Christian Debonneville, Fabienne Berthaud, Sylvia Gimeno, Kristin Schirmer
Published: Jul 11, 2019

Machine learning prediction of cyanobacterial toxin (microcystin) toxicodynamics in humans

Stefan Altaner, Sabrina Jaeger, Regina Fotler, Ivan Zemskov, Valentin Wittmann, Falk Schreiber, Daniel R. Dietrich
Published: Jul 2, 2019

Innovative in vitro method to study ventilator induced lung injury

Jon P. Joelsson, Iwona T. Myszor, Ari J. Arason, Saevar Ingthorsson, Paulina Cherek, Gabriel S. Windels, Kristjan Leosson, Gudmundur H. Gudmundsson, Thorarinn Gudjonsson, Sigurbergur Karason
Published: Jun 5, 2019

Hazard assessment of air pollutants: The transforming ability of complex pollutant mixtures in the Bhas 42 cell model

Stefania Serra, Monica Vaccari, Maria Grazia Mascolo, Francesca Rotondo, Cristina Zanzi, Laura Polacchini, Christine Behle Wagner, Thorsten Kunkelmann, Sabine Perschbacher, Albrecht Poth, Sandro Grilli, Miriam N. Jacobs, Annamaria Colacci
Published: Jun 3, 2019

The HaCaT/THP-1 Cocultured Activation Test (COCAT) for skin sensitization: a study of intra-laboratory reproducibility and predictivity

Chantra Eskes, Jennifer Hennen, Mario Schellenberger, Sebastian Hoffmann, Sabine Frey, Daniela Goldinger-Oggier, Niklas Peter, Erwin van Vliet, Brunhilde Blömeke
Published: May 27, 2019

Bottom-up physiologically-based biokinetic modelling as an alternative to animal testing

James C. Y. Chan, Shawn P. F. Tan, Zee Upton, Eric C. Y. Chan
Published: May 10, 2019

Assessment of iron oxide nanoparticle ecotoxicity on regeneration and homeostasis in the replacement model system Schmidtea mediterranea

Thao A. Tran, Michelle Hesler, Oscar H. Moriones, Alba Jimeno-Romero, Benjamin Fischer, Neus G. Bastús, Victor Puntes, Sylvia Wagner, Yvonne L. Kohl, Luca Gentile
Published: Apr 26, 2019

Refining humane endpoints in mouse models of disease by systematic review and machine learning-based endpoint definition

Jie Mei, Stefanie Banneke, Janet Lips, Melanie T. C. Kuffner, Christian J. Hoffmann, Ulrich Dirnagl, Matthias Endres, Christoph Harms, Julius V. Emmrich
Published: Apr 18, 2019

Opportunities for refinement in neuroscience: Indicators of wellness and post-operative pain in laboratory macaques

Kris A. Descovich, Susan E. Richmond, Matthew C. Leach, Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith, Paul Flecknell, David A. H. Farningham, Claire Witham, M. Carolyn Gates, Sarah-Jane Vick
Published: Mar 29, 2019

An intact insect embryo for developmental neurotoxicity testing of directed axonal elongation

Gregor A. Bergmann, Sarah Froembling, Nina Joseph, Karsten Bode, Gerd Bicker, Michael Stern
Published: May 29, 2019