Latest Articles

Latest Articles

Latest Articles are manuscripts that have recently been accepted for publication in ALTEX but have not yet undergone editing, layout, and proofreading. They are replaced by a final version with the same doi upon print publication in an issue of ALTEX.

Heads on! Designing a qualification framework for organ-on-chip

Monica Piergiovanni, Milena Mennecozzi, Stavroula Sampani, Maurice Whelan
Published: Feb 28, 2024

The probable future of toxicology - probabilistic risk assessment

Alexandra Maertens, Eric Antignac, Emilio Benfenati, Denise Bloch, Ellen Fritsche, Sebastian Hoffmann, Joanna Jaworska, George Loizou, Kevin McNally, Przemyslaw Piechota, Erwin L. Roggen, Marc Teunis, Thomas Hartung
Published: Jan 12, 2024

Protectiveness of NAM-based hazard assessment – which testing scope is required?

Walter Zobl, Annette Bitsch, Jonathan Blum, Jan J. W. A. Boei, Liliana Capinha, Giada Carta, Jose Castell, Enrico Davoli, Christina Drake, Ciaran P. Fisher, Muriel M. Heldring, Barira Islam, Paul Jennings, Marcel Leist, Damiano Pellegrino-Coppola, Johannes P. Schimming, Kirsten E. Snijders, Laia Tolosa, Bob van de Water, Barbara M. A. van Vugt-Lussenburg, Paul Walker, Matthias M. Wehr, Lukas S. Wijaya, Sylvia E. Escher
Published: Dec 4, 2023

Toward implementing virtual control groups in nonclinical safety studies

Workshop report and roadmap to implementation

Emily Golden, David Allen, Alexander Amberg, Lennart T. Anger, Elizabeth Baker, Szczepan W. Baran, Frank Bringezu, Matthew Clark, Guillemette Duchateau-Nguyen, Sylvia E. Escher, Varun Giri, Armelle Grevot, Thomas Hartung, Dingzhou Li, Laura Lotfi, Wolfgang Muster, Kevin Snyder, Ronald Wange, Thomas Steger-Hartmann
Published: Dec 1, 2023

Pollutant exposure and myocardial injury: Protocol and progress report for a toxicological systematic mapping review

Tom Roos, Cathalijn Leenaars, Alexandra Schaffert, Martin Paparella, Sivakumar Murugadoss, Birgit Mertens, Nunzia Linzalone, Gabriele Donzelli, Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga, Ronette Gehring
Published: Nov 20, 2023

Beyond chemicals: Opportunities and challenges of integrating non-chemical stressors in adverse outcome pathways

Laure-Alix Clerbaux, Julija Filipovska, Penny Nymark, Vinita Chauhan, Katherina Sewald, Madgalini Sachana, Anna Beronius, Maria-Joao Amorim, Clemens Wittwehr
Published: Nov 17, 2023