Examination of microcystin neurotoxicity using central and peripheral human neurons

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Stefanie Klima
Ilinca Suciu
Lisa Hoelting
Simon Gutbier
Tanja Waldmann
Daniel R. Dietrich
Marcel Leist


Microcystins (MC) are a group of cyanobacterial toxins that comprises MC-LF and other cyclic heptapeptides, best known as potent hepatotoxicants. Cell culture and epidemiological studies suggest that MC might also affect the nervous system when there is systemic exposure, e.g., via drinking water or food. We asked whether in vitro studies with human neurons could provide estimates on the neurotoxicity hazard of MC-LF. First, we used LUHMES neurons, a well-established test system for neurotoxicants and neuropathological processes. These central nervous system cells express OATP1A2, a presumed carrier of MC-LF, and we observed selective neurite toxicity in the μM range (EC20 = 3.3 μM ≈ 3.3 μg/mL). Transcriptome changes pointed towards attenuated cell maintenance and biosynthetic processes. Prolonged exposure for up to four days did not increase toxicity. As a second model, we used human dorsal root ganglia-like neurons. These peripheral nervous system cells represent parts of the nervous system not protected by the blood-brain barrier in humans. Toxicity was observed in a similar concentration range (EC20 = 7.4 μM). We conclude that MC-LF poses a potential neurotoxic hazard in humans. The adverse effect concentrations observed here were orders of magnitude higher than those presumed to be encountered after normal nutritional or environmental exposure. However, the low μM concentrations found to be toxic are close to levels that may be reached after very excessive algae supplement intake.

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Klima, S., Suciu, I., Hoelting, L., Gutbier, S., Waldmann, T., Dietrich, D. R. and Leist, M. (2021) “Examination of microcystin neurotoxicity using central and peripheral human neurons”, ALTEX - Alternatives to animal experimentation, 38(1), pp. 73-81. doi: 10.14573/altex.2003182.

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