The Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing – Europe (CAAT-EU): a transatlantic bridge for the paradigm shift in toxicology

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Mardas Daneshian , Marcel Leist, Thomas Hartung
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The Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing – Europe (CAAT-EU) was founded based a collaboration between the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of Konstanz. CAAT-EU, housed at the University of Konstanz, will coordinate transatlantic activities to promote humane science in research and education, and participate, as partner or coordinator, in publicly and privately funded European projects. Thomas Hartung will serve as program liaison representing Johns Hopkins University and Marcel Leist as the University of Konstanz liaison.
CAAT-EU aims to:

  • Set up transatlantic consortia for international research projects on alternative methods

  • Establish a CAAT Europe faculty and advisory board composed of sponsor representatives and prominent academics from Europe

  • Participate in the Transatlantic Think Tank for Toxicology (t4) devoted to conceptual work for the paradigm shift in toxicology

  • Coordinate a series of information days in Europe on relevant developments in the US, similar to the 2009 series CAAT held in the US on EU issues (one on the 7th Amendment to the EU Cosmetics Directive and one on EU and US chemical regulation)

  • Support ALTEX as the official journal of CAAT and CAAT-EU

  • Develop strategic projects with sponsors to promote humane science and new toxicology, especially with CAAT faculty members

  • Develop a joint education program between Johns Hopkins and the University of Konstanz, such as e-courses and the existing Humane Science Certificate program developed by CAAT, a student exchange program, and collaboration with the International Graduate School “Cell-based Characterization of De- and Regeneration” in Konstanz.

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Daneshian, M., Leist, M. and Hartung, T. (2010) “The Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing – Europe (CAAT-EU): a transatlantic bridge for the paradigm shift in toxicology”, ALTEX - Alternatives to animal experimentation, 27(1), pp. 63–69. doi: 10.14573/altex.2010.1.63.

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