The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) is proud to announce its 2019 refinement prize. This prize of €6000 will be granted to a laboratory technician, animal care- taker or technologist who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in new, novel approaches to advance implementation and/or awareness raising of Refinement of animal testing.

Laboratory technicians, technologists and animal caretakers carry out much of the work using animals for regulatory safety and efficacy testing purposes and are thus closely involved in efforts to apply refinement strategies in such studies. Refinement is one of the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement of testing on animals). Refinement refers to the modification of any procedure, husbandry and care practices with laboratory animals along their entire lifetime, to minimise pain and distress and enhance their well-being.

The purpose of this prize is to target those implementing alternative approaches to animal testing and/or raising awareness of their role for the day to day application and innovation of the refinement principles in particular.

The EPAA partners will sponsor a €6000 prize to be awarded in 2019. The prize can be applied for by an individual or a team. The money awarded is a prize, not a grant, therefore it does not require any prior justification of how it will be used. Nevertheless, the EPAA recommends linking its use to (further) promotion of alternatives, e.g. for travel and accommodation fees for a conference, publication costs, etc. The winner (or the winning team) will be invited to the EPAA annual conference in October 2019 to receive the prize and briefly describe his/her/their contribution to the 3Rs.

Submission deadline: September 2, 2019
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