This survey is centered on European research, and is an instrument to be made available freely to interested stakeholders to shape the public discourse on biomedical research.

More specifically:


An ever growing number of stakeholders, from within and outside research practice, participate to the shaping and definition of key research policies, each with specific agendas and values. A credible depiction of the reality, articulation, and complexity of European research will be a meaningful instrument to help the public dialogue remain focused on the effective needs of research itself, embedding outside considerations but not suffering undue influence.


The survey will be used to map the reality of the European biomedical research, tracing as accurately as possible the state, perspectives, needs, and expectations of those that made research their call.

For whom

The analysis will be made freely available to the EU Commission, ECVAM, and to all those stakeholders that mean to intervene and contribute to the debate and definition of the European research policies.

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